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Touti Bo was created with the purpose of breathing in new life to the way we wear jewelry. Founder and Creative Director, Hella Bigio launched the brand in 2017 with the vision of introducing iconic pieces that are timeless, yet preserve a bohemian flair.


Her designs invite each wearer to get creative with her own pieces of jewelry, and gently point to different styling possibilities. Hella presents this design ethos in her signature Curved Collection, which is made up of stackable rings and bands whose shapes lock into one another creating an extensive selection of mix and match pieces.


All Touti Bo jewelry is handmade from 14karat gold, natural diamonds and vibrant colored precious stones. The brand puts a great deal of effort into keeping the price point for each piece attainable, thus allowing the Touti Bo customer to curate her own personal collection and vision. 


The brand's design aesthetic is drawn from Hella's own family, especially from the impressive women she is surrounded by. As a young girl, she used to be mesmerized by her grandmothers’ enchanting layers of diamond necklaces and spent hours admiring her mothers’ jewelry box. When Hella got engaged, a family heirloom was given to her by her future husbands’ grandmother. It was the timeless beauty of the 100-year-old Egyptian coin bracelet that inspired Hella to design her first collection. 


The greatest muse of Hella’s work is family. Family traditions, heirlooms, and people inspire her to create iconic jewelry that offers the woman who wears it a way to express her unique identity, yet possesses a timeless design that is meant to be passed down to the next generation of strong women. each touti Bo design is a tribute to one impressive woman in her life.

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