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hatting with Dr. Barbara Geusens- Founder of Nomige Skincare

our first modern muse is dr. barbara geusens, founder of nomige, dna-based skincare. even beyond the scientific world of the nomige brand, barbara's approach to beauty and skincare is unique. during our chat, she reveals her secrets for feeling great in your own skin, which women have inspired her along her journey, and how she first came to develop nomige's innovative concept.


minimalistme has become a popular destination for lovers of minimalism and scandinavian design. as visual content creator, sarit  gives her followers a peak into the life of a minimalist and konmari certified consultant by creating beautifully curated yet authentic images from her own life. in a candid conversation with sarit, we talk everything minimalism, how to approach sentimentality as a minimalist, and how to curate your home according to the konmari method.


hatting with Sarit Sela, Certified KonMari Consultant and Founder of  MinimalistMe



hatting with Leslie Chanti, Executive Beauty Director at InStyle and Co-Founder of Lifestyle  Platform The Executive Moms

in honor of international women's week, executive beauty director leslie chanti shares her tips to succeeding in business, and talks about what mentoring and supporting other women in the workforce and privately, means to her. with the mantra "one team, one dream- if we push it all forward together, we all win", leslie also creates empowering content on her lifestyle platform the executive moms (formerly known as glamfashionsx).


hatting with Maddy Ritholz, Founder and Designer of Handbag Brand MR Label

always on the hunt for a unique yet affordable bag, maddy decided to start her own brand of cute, vintage inspired handbags, after returning from a semester abroad in europe. during our chat with maddy, she reveals what inspires her, and who she looks up to, and explains the important role sustainability plays in her brand.
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